Warm Lake

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Landmark Mountain
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Sat, 03/21/2020 - 13:30
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United States
44° 37' 36.1668" N, 115° 36' 58.3884" W

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Snowpit Observations
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Two words: breakable crust! I skied two different North aspects and one West aspect, all of which held a (mostly) non-supportive surface crust. The upper elevation shaded, North-facing had some soft, faceted surface snow that skied nice. West/Southwest snow surfaces began to soften mid-afternoon.

The old snow surface was comprised mostly of graupel and surface hoar, which was well preserved in some areas more than others depending on elevation and aspect. From what I could tell there was a 2-3 cm solar crust supporting about 22 cm of dry, unconsolidated snow.  The surface solar crust was about 3-4 cm sitting atop the unconsolidated to make a nice "sandwich effect".

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Enjoyed the last little bit of high pressure before our next storm. Great day to be out hiking and skiing in the mountains. Snow conditions were variable, I would say either commit to Spring corn on Southern aspects or keep hunting the upper elevation shaded, North-facing. Skiing is fun, it beats the alternative. Social distancing = solo skiing.

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Below Freezing
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Cold, well below freezing at 1000 on the valley floor (5400 ft).  Strong solar radiation with clear, bluebird skies. No winds. Temps were just below freezing at 1400 (8000 ft). Great day to be out in the moutains, don't forget to sunscreen your arms and neck!